• Q. I would like to use stories and videos produced by KCIJ-Newstapa.

    You are welcome to use our contents for nonprofit purpose.

    However, you must follow our policy below:

    1. First, you must contact webmaster@newstapa.org and get our permission.
    2. You must credit us: KCIJ-Newstapa.
    3. You are prohibited from syndicating and modifying our contents for commercial purpose in any condition.
    4. Restricting granted rights are prohibited: Users should not impose any additional legal conditions or technological measures on the work that restricts others from exercising their rights granted under our Creative Commons license.
  • Q. How do I make a donation if I have no Korean bank account?

    Thank you for supporting usfrom abroad.

    To make donations for us via automatic withdrawal, you need an operational account in Korea.

    If you don’t have an account, please use Paypal. You can choose the ‘Monthly’ or ‘One-time’ donation.

  • Q. I’ve witnessed a wrongdoing and obtained an evidence for it.

    You can tell us what happened through our report page below.

    ☞ Leak to us

    Protecting our sources is a priority for us.

  • Q. How do I make partnership with KCIJ-Newstapa?

    KCIJ-Newstapa is open for partnership and collaboration.

    You can email us with details on what type of partnership: republishing our stories, cross-border investigation and so on.

    Please feel free to contact our Global TF (global@newstapa.org)

    We are willingly going to reply after a thorough review on your suggestion.

  • Q. I would like to have an interview with KCIJ-Newstapa staff members.

    Email us about whom you would like to interview, along with prospective questions. We will get you connected to that staff member.

    Please choose a staff from our staff member list and fill out an interview request form below:

    Interview Request Form

  • Q. I would like to go on a tour to KCIJ-Newstapa’s office.

    You are welcome to visit us.

    Please fill out our office tour request form. Once we receive the form, we will start discussing schedules with you soon.

    Tour Request Form

  • Q. I found errors from a KCIJ-Newstapa article.

    If you find a typo or inaccurate facts from our contents, please let us know for a correction.

    Email: global@newstapa.org